"Our hope is that we can be a resource for anyone who has a loved one with PWS, supports a person with PWS, or just wants to know how to better support a person with PWS."


PWSA/GA was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the state of Georgia in 1987. Governed by a Board of Directors, PWSA/GA has an Executive Director and a Family Support Coordinator. It is a statewide organization with an office in Atlanta, Georgia. The chapter meets formally at least once a year in the fall for its Family Retreat Even, and socially at least once a year in the spring for its Annual Awareness Day and/or Education Event.

Georgia is a large state (eight hours drive time north to south, four east to west), so meetings sites vary in an attempt to reach more families. The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities contributes a generous grant  to support these gatherings.

In 1975, a small number of families organized PWSA(USA). Gradually, state chapters organized and affiliated with the national association. In 1985, when our association first met as a group, only five families were involved, all but one from the metropolitan Atlanta area. Currently PWSA/GA is aware of approximately 130 individuals with PWS living in Georgia. According to incidence rates, this is only about 20% of the number of diagnoses expected in the state.


                    CALL FOR MORE INFO:  770-886-2334

               All activities and events are supported by a generous grant from:dbhdd-logo-blue (1)

Georgia Department of Health and Developmental Disabilities


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